Health benefits

Black garlic was first used and produced in South- Korea as a healthy suppliment.
It offers twice as much antioxidants as the white garlic. Black garlic has a lower fatpercentage, is rich in natural sugars and amino acids and does absolutly not contain any additives, as well as the promise to leave no trace of odor or bad breath!


Antioxidants are essential in our body for a good working immune system, but also to prevent and recover the damage caused to our body cells. Black garlic has 198 units per gram of the antioxidants in comparison to the 119 units per gram in the regular garlic.

Lightly digestible

Research has shown that black garlic is easier for the body to digest compared to white garlic. White garlic contains predominantly allicin, which is only soluble in fat. Black garlic contains S-allycysteine, which is soluble in water. This means that your body absorbs the antioxidants faster and easier. Due to the soft, jelly-like texture and rich taste, it can be eaten as an ingredient or simply as a healthy snack.